Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Innovator's Prescription by Clayton Christensen

When I joined Castlight Health about 10 months ago, I looked for a good book that provides a good overview of the problems facing American healthcare. While I heard about many specific problems, I wanted to understand the history of today's problems, the reasons those problems arose, the players who have a vested interest in solving those problems and the possible directions to solve those problems. My wife got me the book, The Innovator's prescription by Clayton Christensen, written in 2009. It gave me the required perspective. It answered questions such as who should we build healthcare solutions for and who has the motivation to change healthcare.

If you are new to healthcare technology and want to get a clear idea, this is a good book to read. I posted a video of Clay Christensen summarizing the book below. He summarizes ten years of research in 60 minutes.

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