Saturday, May 30, 2015

Team Structure For Building Predictive Analytics and Intervention Products Based On Big Data For the Enterprise

I have been an enterprise application product manager for many years. Most applications I built automated processes, enabled collaboration and integrated applications. Recently I started leading teams building predictive analytics applications based on big data. There was no established training program or team structure I could follow. So I observed the way my product team worked and arrived at the following structure. 

I assume that the user of any such product will want to derive insights from large volumes of data, take action based on the data and monitor the results of their action.

Team One
Problem formulation, predictive model design, testing. This team requires problem formulation experts and data scientists.

Team Two
User experience design for consumers of insight. 
Intervention Design and testing
Consumer experience design

This is the team that simplifies the consumption of insights derived from big data. This team also enables the consumers of insights act on those insights.

Team Three
Builds monitoring tools and reports on performance of the interventions. This team requires analytics product managers and analytics engineers.

Team Four
Web Application programming.

I may have missed some roles and responsibilities. But this broad structure seems to work. I will have a better understanding in the coming weeks and months.

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