Monday, December 08, 2014

How To Get Your Twitter, Blogger and SAP Jam Influence For Performance Appraisal

I was writing my 2014 performance appraisal today and decided to take a different approach to reporting my work. Normally I write about the things I have done, products i designed, events I spoke at and number of enablement sessions I conducted and so on. This year, I decided to talk about the real measurable impact rather than just report the quantity or work done.

I share a significant amount of work related information via twitter. I find twitter to be an effective way to share information even with colleagues in my own organization. I wanted to convey the value of my work on twitter to my colleagues and manager.

I went to and looked at my activity for a month and calculated my overall impressions based on that information and manually added this to my self appraisal.

I have seen some managers in SAP asking their team members to tweet five times a month and setting similar arbitrary goals. I don't think that counting the number of tweets matter. Instead counting the number of impressions is a better way to measure the twitter influence of a person.

Since most of my posts on blogger  are work related, I added the number of views on blogger to my performance appraisal as well. Instead of mentioning the number of blogs, I added information about the number of views.

Blogger stats page gives you analytics about the number of views on each post and month. I took that information and added it to my self appraisal.

To convey my influence within SAP, I used SAP Jam to convey the number of views this year for all the assets that I manage in the internal integration Jam group. I ran the monthly consumption report and downloaded the resulting Excel file. I summed up all the views and added that information in my performance appraisal.

There were over 20,000 views of all the assets I directly or indirectly created and promoted. This is a very useful Jam report. You may be wondering why such information cannot be incorporated into the performance system directly. I think it can be done and will be very valuable for customers and employees. Building such a feature might significantly improve the value of SAP Jam for SuccessFactors performance management customers.

For example SAP Jam should be able to calculate the influence of a person withing an organization based on the assets created, participation and provide an influence score. This score can then be made available via an API, which can then be obtained and displayed in the performance evaluation report of an employee and even on the profile of an employee.

Will these significantly affect my performance rating? I think it will have an influence on the rating. My job is to do the work and quantify the work. It is up to the managers to decide the value of such work. It is clear that twitter and Blogger among other social media tools have the necessary analytics built in to measure reach. Similarly, SAP Jam has pretty good reports to measure reach within an organization's boundaries.

I think SAP Jam should make some of this metrics available via APIs so that forward looking product managers in the SuccessFactors talent solutions area can make innovative use of such data.

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