Thursday, October 17, 2013

The HR Generalist Story For The SuccessFactors Seminar Series

After taking ten days off from work, I am back putting the finishing touches on the "Guided Tour Of SuccessFactors applications" presentation and demos for the SuccessFactors Seminar series starting next month with help from my editor Bette Ferris. I am very pleased with the focus on the HR Generalist in this session. I have included a story told from the point of view of the HR Generalist and how she can use the SuccessFactors Home page, Employee Central and other Talent Management applications to empower executives and employees. The story also reflects our reasonably good understanding of the role of an HR Generalist in an organization.

If you are a customer or a partner thinking about moving core HR to the cloud, this session might be worth attending. If you have budget constraints, please leave a comment or send me a message. I will check if I can get you a special price from the seminar producers. This seminar series will be a smaller gathering compared to SuccessConnect and SAP HR Insider. It is designed that way to enable closer collaboration and conversation.

Nancy handles mass changes with ease

Nancy tells a story to her executives using talent data
This part of the session is going to be interesting. Darrell Lew is going to be there showing the live product and telling the HR Generalist story. He is among the best at SAP and SuccessFactors when it comes to telling the HR Generalist story. The script of this story is his idea.

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