Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not Near-Real Time. Real Time

Today my colleague Enric and I had a chance to see a SAP to SuccessFactors, master data integration demo from our partners Coeus consulting. They showed us how they implemented the standard employee master data and organizational data integration and how they used the standard integration, which we call iFlow, to move data from SAP to SuccessFactors in real time.

This is how it works. When a HR administrator makes a change to employee data, he or she can choose to immediately send the data to SuccessFactors. While it was possible to have near real time integration with the custom file based integrations that customers had, it was not real time. However, the SAP NetWeaver PI based integration makes it possible to send the data to SuccessFactors in real time. This is option 2 in the diagram below.

Choose Option 2 for real time integration
Even though this functionality has been available since November 2012 and we tested it internally, we wanted to see how customers and partners implemented it Now we have seen a few customers and partners implement the integration and move data to SuccessFactors from SAP in real time.

For several months I had been advising customers to stay on their custom-built file based integrations if they are happy with it. After seeing a few successful implementations, I think I will advise customers to move to the SAP NetWeaver PI based real time integration.

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